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Leo daily, weekly, monthly and yearly video and written astrology forecasts by award winning astrologer Michele Knight. Your individual video horoscopes and written astrology forecasts daily, weekly and monthly by award winning astrologer and TV personality Michele Knight.

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Simply take note and even forget about it. The reason I advise this approach is that December puts us in a double retrograde shadow period. Things are up in the air, subject to changes and delays or are simply not yet in a solid, tangible form.

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This especially applies to anything to do with love or money, Leo! And as with all shadows, we may not be able to see what is within them until the Sun eliminates them.

Venus has been making a rare retrograde since October. December sees the planet of love direct once more and re-entering your 4 th of home, family and long term security from the 2 nd. But Venus will remain in retrograde shadow until the first week of January. So, new love is on hold until then. With your ruler the Sun in your 5 th along with Jupiter, this does not mean someone could not cross your path, just that you either may not realise their significance or they could come in and then mysteriously disappear until the New Year.

Mercury is also in retrograde shadow form. It too is in your 4 th when the retrograde ends and will arrive back in your 5 th on the 12 th.

But it will remain in retrograde shadow time until the 24 th. So, business opportunities and creative ventures may go back and forth or be promised but not fully manifest until after that time.

Again, take a hands-off approach and step back if this happens. This is an act of faith in your future, your talents, your skills and the knowledge that when the time is right the universe turns in our direction. Hints and tantalizing glimpses of what is to come are wrapped in the promise of the new Moon in your 5 th on the 7 th.

This is your house of children so your child, stepchild or just someone younger than you, could play a role in reconnecting you to simple joy, fun and that feeling of being in the moment we have when we are young and doing something we love.

Yes, this is your house of romance and you also have Mercury and Jupiter meeting in here for the first time in 12 years on the 21 st. Ask yourself where you want to go, see or experience. This is the day of the solstice when your ruler the Sun exits your 5 th and heads on into your sector of work and wellbeing.

Meanwhile, Mars is in its ancient and deeply resonant 8 th house promising transformation, changes and yes — sex. This can mark the time to take a chance on something, to see the emergence of that new beginning. This especially applies as Mercury has just three days remaining in its shadow period.

But please when it comes to love, hold back a little longer. No matter what transpires, take it that the doors to opportunity are now opening for you, even if you cannot yet see what is on the other side.

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Changes are on their way — possibly ones that remake your world. Mars has you doing what needs to be done and intensifies your passion and allure and what you will discover if you are out and about this holiday season, is that people will be drawn to you like moths to a flame!

Work that mojo while all the while remaining aware that these are seeds to be planted and harvested later rather than right now. If for any reason you are still waiting for a final piece of information before going ahead with something, are uncertain or things are still up in the air or unresolved, then the full Moon in your 12 th on the 22 nd should show you clearly what the missing piece of the puzzle is or what needs to be done now.

Taking a few days off over the holiday period could well deliver the answers and perspective you need. Be the observer now as we head towards the New Year. You may not quite see it yet, but the seeds of the future have been planted and have taken root.

Something important begins this month — but you may not see it at first. Wait to discover more. Jupiter, planet of opportunity and abundance, will spend most of this year in your fabulous 5th. If you were 18 or over 12 years ago, think back to what was going on at that time.

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Chances are you are now going to see similar themes emerging. No matter what else is happening in your chart and I will get to that shortly , this year is primarily about romance, creativity, following your own personal star, being a star and expressing yourself. Who do you think you are?

Because a lot of the good things that want to enter your life hinge on the answer.

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Jupiter always wants to expand our experience and then add a magic sprinkle of luck for good measure to super-charge those dreams. But we have to work with him.

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This is no time to pretend to be anything other than who you are. What have I got to lose? Opportunities to showcase your talents are just one benefit Jupiter in your 5th promises. Do the work, take the first step to living and expressing yourself — then go along for the ride. Children, young people, the next generation. If you are a parent then your relationship with your child ren will benefit from Jupiter in here.

You may also embrace new ideas around parenting as Jupiter rules higher education and philosophy. Some of you may decide to become parents under this cycle. A word of caution as Jupiter always expands — if the patter of tiny feet is not for you right now then take extra precautions to ensure this does not happen! Even if you are not a parent or desire to be one, expect children, those younger than you to play a role in the good times for you in Or perhaps this is just about giving your inner child permission to create, have fun and play?

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We cannot talk about your 5th without talking about love and romance. Looking for someone who will love you just the way you are? They will most probably be laid-back, well-travelled and effortlessly funny and sexy in equal measure.

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Like you, they have a generous nature when it comes to those they love. This is also a cycle of creativity where ideas burst forth like stars. Express yourself to impress. Especially when it comes to career matters. The year begins with ruler the Sun conjunct Saturn which rules your career sector in your house of work.

You also have a partial solar eclipse happening in here on Jan 6. I had a great deal to say about eclipses in the forecast for your Cancer neighbours. The reason being of course that eclipses involve both the Sun and the Moon and Cancer is Moon-ruled. So, your 1st and 7th houses were affected and this would have been about personal relationships, partnerships and you and another be it a romantic, business, collaborative or deep friendship or even that opponent.

What we see as the New Year begins is one final eclipse take place in your 1st house on Jan 21 which will be a total eclipse of the full Moon. This is also a supermoon.

Remember, eclipses conceal and then reveal. This is all about a deep emotional connection and a release to come. The first of which as I said, occurs on 6 Jan. The eclipse in your 6th at the start of the year could be setting you up for bigger work and career changes to come.

You only had a short time to grasp what this may mean before it turned retrograde and headed back into your 9th again. On March 6 it re-enters your 10th where it will remain for the next seven years.

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Time to look not just at what you are you alone have to offer in the professional sphere, but also to assess whether the path you are on is the right one for you.

In this instance, you could be awakened to all the possibilities that are available to you when it comes to career choices. Or perhaps just to your own awesome potential.